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Costa Rica 2020


Starting my travels this year in beautiful Costa Rica! First time in this amazing Central American country, but it’s like visiting several places at once. The rainforest is epic, the beaches are spectacular and far up in the mountains at La Paz Waterfalls Resort, the climate actually changes to rain and cold. But the view from our spa was amazing!


Christmas Songs: Music from Nigeria/ the US – Tolu Akande


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! The whole world is getting in the mood…

World Music - the Music Journey

Tolu Akande is the 2nd child of Nigerian immigrants who made their way to Chicago, IL in hopes of securing a better lifestyle for themselves and their future children. Have a listen to his great christmas song “Wa,Ẹyin Olotọ”:

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Music from Uganda – Eddy Kenzo


World Music - the Music Journey

Eddy Kenzo, born as Edrisa Musuuza in 1989 in Masaka, Uganda is a popular dancehall and afropop singer. He lost his mother when he was 5 years old and lived on the streets for 13 years. Listen to his greatest hit so far, called “Sitya Loss”:

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Where Chocolate Goes To Live


I am forever amazed at the respect and lovely presentation given to food in random street shops in Europe. Here is another example of my chocolate being treated in a manner pleasing to any chocoholic. Pastries at a Paris sidewalk cafe…


Music from France – Black M


I love all things French, including the music. Enjoy!

World Music - the Music Journey

Black M, born as Alpha Diallo in 1984, is a French-Guinean rapper and musician. Listen to his #1 single “Sur ma route”:

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Toques Afro House BWG Yadjaiva of Angola!


LOVE TO DANCE? WATCH TOQUES AFRO HOUSE BWG DANCERS BRING IT! Coming from African Music TV is a dance video featuring Angola’s Toques Afro House BWG Yadjaiva, which was released at the top of the year and is garnering quite a number of views. So if you love to dance, watch the Yadjaiva dancers — who demonstrate great choreography as well as equally smart attire — present Africa’s most-popular dances, such as kukere, kuduro, and azonto, to a titillating high-tempo rhythm.Check out Toques Afro House BWG Yadjaiva here. Enjoy!

Credit: Face2face Africa

Claudia: A Photo Essay

Claudia: A Photo Essay

An amazing story and I had to share it.


Most of the football pictures I’ve taken in Brazil are pretty self explanatory…  there’s a kick around going on somewhere in Rio and not too much more to add. But this one troubles me a bit. The story behind it isn’t a good one. The mother of the family, Claudia da Silva Ferreira, was shot in March by police who thought she was an armed drug dealer during a shoot-out. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She later died in shocking circumstances, falling from the police van on the way to hospital. I visited their home a couple of weeks after it happened with a colleague who was interviewing Claudia’s husband and this was taken as we were leaving and the kids began playing again… a brief moment of normality at a tragic time for the family.
_MG_0364_TB_web(Credit: Interview and words by Angelica Melo /…

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Calling All Real Men & Women


Keep the message alive. #BringBackOurGirls

Real Men Don't Buy Girls 2Real Men Don't Buy Girls 4Real Men Don't Buy Girls 5Real Men Don't Buy Girls 9Real Men Don't Buy Girls 7Real Men Don't Buy Girls 6

The Haiti Artist Collective


TOMS has collaborated with The Haiti Artist Collective to create limited edition, hand painted shoes that benefit the cause of creating sustainable jobs there. Such a great concept. I love the tropical green ones in the middle!

In a country with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world*, we’re creating sustainable jobs with creative solutions.

TOMS has committed to create jobs through shoe production in Haiti and to help establish and support a responsible shoe industry in the country. As a locally staffed and operated facility, we can economically empower individuals while giving big businesses a footprint to work in Haiti in the future.

Haiti Artist Collective Shoes | TOMS.com
The Haiti Artist Collective commissions local artists to create limited edition, hand-painted TOMS Shoes, providing sustainable jobs in a country with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

Credit: Afrobella via TOMS

Living Water


This is a really amazing post and definitely needed to reblog! Enjoy!

heather n. oglesby

Fact: A blender could easily be the most utilitarian and useful kitchen tool yet.

Case Study: Strawberries, banana, chocolate chip ice cream, yoghurt, milk, whey protein, and peanut butter can go in one mixer and voila! Food! And not only food, but an easy-to-drink, flavorful meal.

Caveat: You can only eat meals processed by a blender for six weeks. Yikes. Sorry dad. A broken jaw will do that to you.


I’ve been assisting my dad this week in finding the best variety of smoothie-shake-blended meals that I can find. Of notable help has been Jaws Wired Shut, a clever name for a blog serving as a tool for people with eating issues. Nice.

In this process, I’ve been fiddling around and experimenting – though in truth, it hasn’t been very hard, having had worked for a smoothie shop one college summer and a string of…

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