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Birthday 2018


Thankful to see another B-day. Love to all of you who have been a part of the journey. Heading out to see what’s up! LOVE this neighborhood. #Paris #France #Montparnasse #birthday2018


Music from France – Black M


I love all things French, including the music. Enjoy!

World Music - the Music Journey

Black M, born as Alpha Diallo in 1984, is a French-Guinean rapper and musician. Listen to his #1 single “Sur ma route”:

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L’été à Paris


I love all things Paris, and this article is getting me ready for my trip there in just a few short weeks from now. Enjoy!

In Flow with Otto




Paris is a beautiful city. During the summer months millions of tourists visit the French capital, the city know for being then most romantic place in the world. They seek out the areas of Saint Germain, Montmatre or Saint-Germain, visit Île de la Cité and Notre-Dame, the Eiffel tower, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the museum of Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe or just wander along the banks of the river Seine.

This summer I spend a week in Paris with my two youngest boys of 17 (yes they are twins). We had an amazing time; their age is perfect for exploring cities like Paris. We did everything any tourist would do, walked the streets of Paris from morning to late evening, jumped around from one arrondissement to another by the Metro and most of all we enjoy just sitting down on one of the many street cafes, having a shot of…

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Nina Simone Kind of Saturday Morning


Music always helps a day of necessary indoor chores go much easier. And with the absolute right tracks, I pretend I’m on a date with a really deserving guy who planned the whole thing. Now that’s sexy!

So, happy Saturday! It makes sense that I combine two of my loves whenever possible. Nina Simone and Paris, France… #musicfriendsofTenaciousM enjoy!

“I Can’t See Nobody” performed by Nina Simone; Recording session: Live, Paris 1968.

“The Other Woman” by Nina Simone; Recording session: Live, Paris 1968.

American Black History Month Celebration…WITH A PARISIAN TWIST


The Supremes in Paris

The Supremes were the most commercially successful of Motown’s acts. They toured the world, becoming almost as popular as they were in the U.S. By 1965, they were international stars. You can watch a fun video of The Supremes (trying to avoid traffic) singing “Where Did Our Love Go?” in the streets of Paris (circa 1965) here.

By 1967, Berry Gordy renamed the group “Diana Ross & The Supremes” and in 1968, they went on a record-breaking European tour and taped a television special for France’s M6 that was solely for French audiences. Highlights included a rocking medley of their hits that opened the show. (There’s even a part of the interview when the girls tell the host their ages – only 23 years old at the time – and Ross responds to the host in French.)


I Choose to Follow My Dreams


In most cases, I would confirm that I am definitely not a follower.  However, I recently found myself in the midst of some serious self-evaluation.  I wondered: “Am I really following my dreams or am I chasing them.”

As I look at the difference, to follow means that the dream is real and I own it.  But to chase a dream says that on some level I’m not really convinced that it’s obtainable.  As I follow dreams/goals that are decades or days old, I feel empowered to know that there is already a connection to that dream. For instance, I shared with a friend recently that I am going to Paris in April. There, the goal has been verbalized and now I follow my path to fulfilling that dream.  Although I have been to Paris several times, each time I visit increases the value of the first dream I had many years ago of seeing that lovely city.

While visiting New Orleans last Spring, we toured the city from one of those double-decker buses. There was a rain shower that made the floor and steps somewhat slippery, so the tour guide began to chant: “Take your time, watch your step.”  My friend and I joked about how he said those words, but the message began to resonate on a different level. TAKE YOUR TIME, WATCH YOUR STEP.

Following my dreams rather than chasing them allows me to take my time and watch my step. It’s not a matter of being overly cautious either. The less slips and falls, the more dreams I can add to my ever growing list of dreams still to follow.