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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2017


I am so thankful for some time to reflect on the sacrifices of Dr. King. Of course I recall many of his famous quotes and teachings. Most of all, I am humbled to be a product of those sacrifices. I too am responsible for keeping his legacy alive, not just enjoying a day off work that came much too late.

This photo was taken at the Lorraine Motel at the exact site where Dr. King fell. He knew that his life might be short and traded quantity for quality and meaning.


The Lobbyist


I write to regain my bearings and reboot. It’s just not that serious our crazy life issues, right? I was a smoker when I wrote this poem. I guess The Lobbyist will be happy to know I gave up that bad habit! Poetry keeps me sane…


The Lobbyist

This woman at an elevator
Was lobbying against my smoke
The ash cans didn’t count for starting up
But putting out the choking fumes
I forced upon her

Not goodwill, money or sex
Could be extorted from that soul
No secret smiles of afterglow
Or posture of secured future
Friendship brings no floor
To hear the lobbyist

Her ride up was too slow
Then, she stopped short of the number
Pushed too hard and caused a shaft
To break her lift
That swayed her against me
Against us all

Go… And Find Yourself Some Happiness


I am so thrilled that my book, “Go… And Find Yourself Some Happiness” is now in reprint. It’s available at amazon and lovelier than ever! #goandfindyourselfsomehappiness


Happy Thanksgiving 2015!


Adoring my #friendsofTenaciousM today and always! Give Thanks for a little and you will find a lot…Happy Thanksgiving!


Bird Watching


Bird Watching

I stood
in a good place
to watch this small bird struggle

She had fallen
To the ground
From a nest on a limb
I could not see

I wanted to help
But figured one like her
Might come along
And so I waited
And waited
And none came

She was broken
But brave in her pain
This little bird
Didn’t flinch when I picked her up
And brought her inside
Where she stayed with me
Long after she flew away

Equality Versus Justice


It can be pretty simple to fathom what we all consider equality, but justice is a little stickier. Example: If I am handing out chocolate and you each get an ounce, that’s equal. But, if each of you has eaten chocolate in the last day and one of you has never tasted chocolate, is one ounce justice to that unfulfilled soul? I use chocolate as my example because you all know what living without it would mean for me, so I’m hoping you get the dire consequences of my analogy. Is justice equal?

Equality of Justice

From One Queen To Many Others


Happy Friday! I hope that you are all having an amazing day and that your worth has not gone unnoticed to you!
-Always, TenaciousM

Peace to the Queens!