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Paris 2019 in Photos


From birthday dinner at the Eiffel Tower for the girls to amazing tours of some of the great castles of France, it was a perfect trip. I am one happy Francofile!!


A Special Paris Trip for 2019


Pre-travel celebration!! Asking for prayers for safe travels. I am blessed to be able to visit my second home with the next generation of unstoppable women! 13 year old Coco and 16 year old Jakari #citizensoftheworld

Hamilton the Musical in Puerto Rico 2019


As soon as tickets were announced, I booked my trip. Great week in Puerto Rico supporting Hurricane Maria relief efforts. One of the most peaceful, beautiful destinations on earth!

New York 2018!


Since 2018 is a banner birthday year, I had to celebrate with my life long friends since kindergarten! We are an amazing crew and I am so blessed to have them on my side!

Birthday 2018


Thankful to see another B-day. Love to all of you who have been a part of the journey. Heading out to see what’s up! LOVE this neighborhood. #Paris #France #Montparnasse #birthday2018

Big Island Candies


Visiting Hilo, Hawaii today with my family. As a blogger on chocolate, this was like hitting the lottery! #chocolatefriendsofTenaciousM, enjoy!!