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New York 2018!


Since 2018 is a banner birthday year, I had to celebrate with my life long friends since kindergarten! We are an amazing crew and I am so blessed to have them on my side!


NYC Spring 2016


I decided to visit one of my favorite places for some much needed artistic and urban flavor. Last night was the first play on Broadway: Forest Whitaker in Hughie by Eugene O’Niell. See it before it closes at the end of this month.


New York Fashion Week and the Project Runway Finale Show


Words cannot express how excited I was to get in to see this show.  Great big fun meeting all the designers!!

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Thanks for the memories #DerekJeter!! Gotta loves those Yankees and my New York Days.

Derek Jeter is respected by everyone. Even a bitter rival, the Boston Red Sox. Derek Jeter is coming up on his final year in Major League Baseball, and heres a Respect tribute in honor of the Captain, #2 Derek Jeter.

Credit: Youtube