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Thanks and shout out to my homegirl Diana Johnson for this morning’s #positivity! Mad love for you now and always!

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Proof of God: 11 Things That Prove God Really Exists


Often, and thankfully, I am researching inspirational writings that propel me and encourage me in my everyday life. Sometimes, this inspiration comes in a great one-on-one conversation with a friend; sometimes I happen by the History Channel or PBS and find something there so fascinating that I’m drawn to the message in its entirety; sometimes the inspiration comes from a message at church or even a training class at work. Regardless, I am seeking greater understanding of how I fit in the world.

A fellow blogger was recently that inspiration. It is no accident that this writer fell on my radar with the exact message that I needed. On this day, it is on purpose that I share it with you.

Posted on November 25, 2013 by urantiawatch

Not long ago I ran across an scientific news article posted describing several different theories on how the universe came to be. The most common theory we have right now is of course, The Big Bang Theory, which that states all energy and mass emerged from one explosion some 14 billion years ago and ever since, our universe has been expanding outward, kind of like a huge explosion still in progress.

People of faith have a major issue with this theory, and any other theory that does not allow for Intelligent Design, or God as having a hand in the creation of the universe.
The mainstream scientific attitude is that energy is inherent and there is no proof of “a divine plan,” at least one that can be proven scientifically, and this is why so many scientists negate the notion of God or a higher power having anything to do with the appearance of our universe or anything in it.

Our first priority, then, is to define exactly what GOD is.

I would submit this concept: God is the first thing that has always existed and he is the source and origin of all things pertaining to mind, matter and spirit. Let us agree then, that God is at least these things. Assuming we have some consensus on the nature of God as I have just described, now let me present to you the following eleven absolutes, or constants that clearly show substantive evidence that just such a creator does exist.

1. Gravity. Gravity is a seemingly inherent force that bonds all things together; an invisible force that pulls objects closer, holds them in place and through this force materials remain intact, orderly and stable. If physical life was truly random, the display of order and equilibrium as it is shown in the laws of gravity would not be present. Whatever “creates” gravity is a force we simply cannot comprehend.

For human beings to attribute this great and unifying force to random causation, to assume gravity is simply inherent in the universe does not satisfactorily explain its origins, what is the source of gravity. Gravity therefore, displays order on the physical level and order is the opposite of randomness.

2. Pattern. There are patterns everywhere, on leaves, on landscapes, in mathematics and music; we see patterns and we recognize connected events and sequences. Pattern is the opposite of non-pattern, therefore pattern must be intentional. If the universe is random, pattern would not exist. Our ability to recognize pattern would also not exist. Pattern proves that whatever God is, pattern comes from God who must be the original pattern.

3. Order. It is a biological fact that when a cell is disrupted, enzymes are produced and healing agents immobilize to heal the injured cell. When a beehive is knocked down or destroyed, the hive instinctively works collectively to rebuild a new home or nest; when an ant colony is destroyed, its inhabitants work collectively to rebuild a new home. When a hurricane destroys a village or a community, there is collective unity, even on an instinctual level, to rebuild and bring order to chaos.

All life seems to operate towards an orderly fashion. Order, like pattern, implies design on some basic universal level, and design implies volitional of will: intent, a decision is made that initiates a pattern as well as an order to things physical. Because minds at all levels respond to and seek order, God must be the source of the desire to achieve order (or perfection, as in ”Be you perfect, even as I am Perfect”).

4. Evolution. I believe evolution abundantly proves life is intelligently designed and is progressive – it’s get better as time goes on, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t survive as a species. For so long Creationists and Evolutionist have been arguing over the merits of evolution as being accidental or purposeful. Was man (or life) made by God or was it purely a biological process that accidentally occurred?

I would state that evolution was the method God used to bring man into existence; it was the plan from the start. All of life on this world seems to have evolved from simple to the complex, as if it was the original plan for complex creatures like us to be born to, so that we could take our world to even more complex (or spiritual) levels of existence. Even in our own individual lives do we evolve from an infant to child to an adult and so on; our minds learn, our thoughts improve and real truth is discovered along the way, meanings are explored, values are realized.

Evolution clearly shows progression, and progression is proof of intentional design, therefore I believe evolution actually proves there is a God of Action.

5. Mind. Mind acts independent of physical reality. Mind can choose to go left or right, mind can choose to build or destroy. If all energy in the universe has a source, then Mind must also have a source. Mind is also non-material. Science may explain that the process of thinking as physical, but the volition to act, the desire to choose is not explained by mere electrochemical impulses. When we choose we are enacting a spontaneous idea that did not exist before. Mind uses a process whereas knowledge is assimilated and becomes the framework of reality; it also operates on a “circuit” where other minds can join in and connect with one-another through the mutual understanding of concepts. Language is the format, but mutual recognition of symbols is a non-material, volitional activity, it is chosen and not just a reflex-reaction to stimuli. If mind is universal, then it too must have had an original source. I believe God is the source and pattern of all minds, which is why we can commune with God through mind.

6. Personality. If we agree that all things in the universe come from one original source, then personality must also have a first and original source. But what is personality? Personality is a self-conscious being who knows and is also known. Human beings are really the most advanced of all personalities in the animal kingdom. Lower mammals likes dogs and cats know and can be known, but communication ability is extremely limited. The further down you go in the scale of life, the less able you are to communicate with other minded creatures.

No two persons are alike, and it is our personality that distinguishes us from one another, yet we are able to communicate with each other (through mind). If personality is indeed an attribute in reality, then there must be an origin to personality, a first personality. God therefore is not only the controller of physical gravity, but must also be the originator of personality, or at least a pattern or personality. Like gravity, I believe God draws us (as personalities) to Him through a sort of personality circuit. Personality in humans proves there must be a source of personality.

7. Morality. When we see one animal kill another, we do not necessarily attach a moral judgment to the act, we simply assume it is the law of the animal kingdom. But we seem to recognize on some root level the necessity for good moral conduct between human beings and even between higher animals. We seem to instinctively understand moral duty, right and wrong. Some would argue that morality is a cultural heritage, but assuming it is, morality still has an origin.

The notion of morality, the acknowledgment between right and wrong, is a non-material reality and must have had its origin in a being who bestows the ability to know morality to beings who likewise recognize this truth. Morality proves the source must possess moral discernment, otherwise we would not be conscious of it.

8. Religion. You can say that man invented religion, and you can probably think of a million reasons why. It is possible that God is a figment of our imagination, but it is equally possible that there is an intelligent force that gives us the intuition to seek him out. Most animals have a sort of internal compass that allows them to find “north” and navigate (or migrate); whales and dolphins use it to navigate the seas, birds use it when they migrate during the seasons. This internal “sense of knowing” allows animals to find their way around without getting lost. Their survival depends on it.

In this same way, I believe the religious impulse to believe in something must be a confirmation that something within us that causes our minds to contemplate non-material, spiritual realities, and this is why religion came into existence. Something compelled us to believe in something. Religion becomes an outwardly expression of our desire to find spiritual truth in an otherwise physical reality.

To say God is merely a figment of our imagination doesn’t explain why an overwhelming majority of all people believe in some form of spiritual force. Is it possible there are no real spiritual truths to be discovered? Is it possible that the few people who simply do not believe in spiritual truth are right and the rest of humanity is wrong?

Based on probabilities, I do not believe it is likely religion has been fostered and has survived throughout man’s history if the basis for it was false or simply an illusion. Religion is proof that man has an internal, instinctive impulse that comes must from a divine personality who has the ability to draw “all men to himself.”

The religious and spiritual impulse is real. If it doesn’t prove there is a God, it certainly proves that Man possesses spiritual insight.

9. Jesus. Whether you regard him as a prophet, a divine being or simply a guy who had some unusual ideas, his teachings in three years have created two-thousand years of change. Think of the effect Elvis, the Beatles, and Mozart had on the musical world. Would these same people still be relevant two thousand years from now? It is hard to know, but we can attest to the continued popularity of Jesus and his teachings, they continue to have a tremendous effect on generation after generation. Today, 1.2 billion people believe in and follow Jesus and/or his teachings. Jesus said God was real and he lives in us and we are his spiritual children. Jesus declared God was a personality and could be known, even that we could and should have a relationship with him, and thousands upon thousands of other religious teachers have said the same thing. Could they all have just made it up and are delusional? Let me put it another way. If Jesus lied, why do so many people continue to follow his teachings?

10. Prayer. Prayer is a conscious activity and a bona fide experience.
To say someone is praying to nothing is to assume one can determine the validity of the experience of another human being without actually sharing that experience with them.

While it is true a person cannot prove who he or she is praying to for sure, a person can most assuredly declare as a truth that he or she is using his mental faculties to conduct a prayer, the direction of consciousness toward another personality or entity that one believes does exist. If we assume that God is a person as we are persons, then prayer is the mechanism in which both personalities can share a mutual idea, love and devotion on a sublime and actual level of reality, and the same is true when we worship. To pray is to send love to God. Prayer proves God exists, and it proves that mind is more than a material organism, it is capable of spiritual insight and has a desire to commune on a non-material level with Deity.

11. Love. Love is not material; we acknowledge it is exists between two personalities. But can love be quantified? Can the beauty of a rose be a mathematical calculation, or is beauty a subjective and conscious reality that also exists outside alongside physical reality? The entirety of the living experience is really nothing more than the self interacting with other selves as well as the environment around us. And love is the spiritual thread that provides meaning in our otherwise material existence.

We cannot quantify love, but we can feel it; we can know it and it is an experience between two or more people. Love is not physical but it is subjectively real; Love is a real experience in the conscious mind.

Love, as a form of energy flows outward and must come from an original source. If it is bestowed, there must be a bestower. Since we assume God is both mind and personality, then he must also possess the capacity for love, and is in fact the originator of love as it is realized in our personal experience.

Conclusions and Summary

I have now provided eleven examples showing what I would submit there are “proofs” of Gods’ existence and of there being a Creator – a master designer, if you will, of life. And further, that the term God is defined as “the original source of and bestower of all force and energy systems, whether they be physical, mental or spiritual.

When one looks at the intricacies of life, its beauty, its wonder, and how delicate and fragile things are, while at the same time, when we observe how enormous the boundaries are to life, its expansive dimensions, it is just very difficult to believe all of everything we see came about because of a cosmic accident or an indifferent set of circumstances with no set destiny or purpose.

Oddly, even taking this extreme mechanistic position to its philosophical conclusions, if there is in fact no underlying purpose and everything just is and there is no God or Deity behind it all, even if a man believes this with all of his heart, that man is still left with a nagging suspicion he might be wrong.

Many people take God on faith alone, but there are just as many who can appreciate having some tell-tale signs that God may just exist after all, and I would like to believe some of my “proofs” make the existence of God a conceivable idea, if not at least a plausible one.

Situational Leadership


If you are a leader are a manager, you’ve been there. The pressure is on and someone has to ensure productivity. You need to exhibit calm under pressure. Leaders should adopt some proven skills to succeed in the midst of a storm.

Leading In the Storm
Reposted: Personal Advice from Ken Blanchard

Have a positive attitude. Don’t be negative. Your actions can create a positive morale amongst the team. This will be contagious and you will get more out of your team. Try to make your staff believe things are better than they seem, even when the pressure is on. The worst thing you can do is to badmouth any person or department within the company. You can kind of joke about company related issues, but in a lighthearted way. Sometimes a good laugh or feeling of solidarity can work to your benefit, just don’t be malicious or slanderous. It could also come back to haunt you. You would be surprised at the loss of respect you would receive if you acted unprofessionally in this manner. Remember this old adage, “It takes years to build respect, and only seconds to lose it…”

Be passionate about the objectives and organization. When you become passionate about a task, project, or departmental goal, your team will also become passionate. Channel your passion to be the best into your employees. Passion is the key ingredient between being good and being great. You want your department to be exceptional, not just good enough. Be passionate about becoming a world-class organization and your team is sure to follow.

Be enthusiastic and optimistic. Striving for a better future with an energetic drive is contagious. Your team will pick up on the same vibe. They want a better future just as much as you do. Your job is to make them want to be the best and take pride in their work. The more enthusiastic and optimistic you are, the more they can identify with working in a success driven manner.