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Hook’em Happy!


I am enjoying collecting the creative ways that people are keeping #HAPPY!

“HAPPY” Global Trek


I am obsessed with Pharrell Williams’ Oscar nominated song “Happy” and I decided to post the variety of ways that the world is putting that uplifting groove to good use! #musicfriendsofTenaciousM enjoy!

Calling All Dreamers


Happy Monday to all my #DREAMERS (and you know who you are). Here’s a Monday pick-me-up just in case you have forgotten how fabulous you are. Remember, we aren’t selling our joy and we sure as hell aren’t giving it away for free. I recommend eating chocolate while listening!

Shout out to the original DREAMERS: Char, Diana, Pamela, Freida and Janice as well as my BFF and Honorary Dreamer Barbara Kapp. Mad Love Mondays and Always!