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Hook’em Happy!


I am enjoying collecting the creative ways that people are keeping #HAPPY!



The Mascot 2

This morning I watched a Black woman cross the street
in a white dress
She was blue collar
We were problems for the other
Separated by class or degrees – –

And the books I’d complained were heavy
lightened with the weight I felt watching her
Young and tired of being yanked at by
men and kids who gave validity
and took away hope

We knew to speak
And she smiled with contempt for my freedom
She must be the strong one
For cementing households and raising the Black children
For putting up with the men and that little bit…

Her stamina moves her
Forward and out of sight
Between buildings that lose us


The Original Me


Marcia Williams_Baby

This is the early version of TenaciousM. Still don’t know why Nana (Dad’s Mother) called me “the devil” and refused to babysit till I got over that pyromania phase… Is that not the tallest 2 year old you have ever seen?

I was hanging out with Mama Ocia and Aunt Delores (my Mom’s Mother and sister) in Cedar Grove, TX near the town of Newton. I think I’m dressed for the family Homecoming which is in August, so I was almost 3. I know, it’s crazy that my memory goes back that far, but the spankings I got on the regular served as a sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to jolt my memory at an early age. (Here’s where all the anti-corporal punishment folks need to take a seat. I was one bad ass kid… my peeps did what they had to do).

What’s even funnier is that this was the visit when my Aunt Dee had to explain the “Birds and the Bees” to me. I had asked where I’d come from and she said I was an egg in my mother’s womb. I thought she said “my mother’s room”, and was shocked. I told Aunt Dee that seemed dangerous and that Ceal and Barry (my older sister and brother) could have easily come along and broken me.

Alas, a writer was born! -Marcia AKA: TenaciousM

TenaciousM Crowned

…still a little naughty. That crown was on my friend’s birthday cake.

Geology Rocks!


OK, forgive me for the lame heading, but I actually do love geology. In fact, had I been a better math student, I would have become a geologist rather than a writer. Believe me I tried. I eagerly attended geology 101 and 102 in hopes that my love of nature, the earth, maps and the world around me would somehow transform me into a mathematician. Sadly, it was not to be. Probably, and even sadder, my love for partying with friends on 6th Street in Austin, Texas conflicted with my desire to study as hard as math required. Plus, the other geologist would have probably laughed at my rhinestone-trimmed offshore rigger outfits. Anyway, I did become a writer and the following poem is my consolation prize.


Walking the dark side of roads
I use no light
Or share what I have lost-
Mind records its landscape
Soul exaggerates relief between
The distances of falls
Mark the path- leaving scars
Which are a map
To route mistaken turns-
And guide my search of private ground
Until the key shines back at me

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


From one dreamer to another… Thank you for your sacrifice.

MLK Day 6

MLK Day 4




I had to tell you off
To be free
I had to tell you off
To really find me

I had to tell you off
In your own place
I had to tell you off
To get you out of my space

I had to tell you off
To understand
That God is sufficient
over any man

I had to tell you off
To love you more
I had to tell you off
And continue to explore
My life that is sufficient
Over any man

I had to tell you off
To turn me on
to the truth and see my rites
I had to tell you off to take flight

Empowerment 2

Mistakes of a Cynic


Second chances are gems of rarity
Whose value is reaped by those
Who acknowledge their coming
Second chances are answers
To the desperate prayers

Third chances are hooks
In the pond
Fishing out repetitive fools


I’m Still Excited! TenaciousM Cannot Be Edited


I am reflecting on the occasions when I have been told to “tone it down” or edit the flash. Why? What is wrong with my big color and glamour? I think that the most important feature in anyone is authenticity. So, why should I dim my candle to make others comfortable with me? If God wanted me to be meek and unimposing, I figure He would have rethought the six foot tall height and instinctive desire to make everything around me bold and beautiful. The holidays give me a great opportunity to decorate my world from hearth to heart! Love, love, love the parties and chances to shower the people I love with gifts and gratitude. I am so very fortunate to belong to the amazing family and friends of mine. As for my gift from them… I am cool with the unconditional love that I receive throughout the year just for being me!


STEPPING OUT LIKE A DIVA… A good lipstick is like a good friend. It’s there when you need it, it’s always good for a confidence boost, and when you find a great one, you want to keep expanding your circle. Which is why you’re going to love this roundup of the newest lipsticks that are hitting shelves now. With formulas and colors this sumptuous and luxurious, you’re going to need a bigger makeup bag for the holidays and all year.

Over the Hump Old School Sound Check



Shout out to my homegirl Diana J. and the peeps at Bennie J’s Smoke Pit in Huntsville, TX for hooking up my holiday baking. Cakes to die for… and the personal service just doesn’t get any better!!





Coming clean in Atlantic City
after Jill Scott’s “Golden” truth serum.
We were at the cross roads of our future
and some things had to be said.
Coming clean in Atlantic City looking in your mirror
at a double exposure that could have passed us by
were it not for God’s amazing grace.
At the Tropicana we gambled and won big, didn’t we?
Left without a dime from the house
but regained our winning spirits
that could only be revealed when we
were brave enough to come clean.

Coming clean in Atlantic City
we emptied our fears onto opposing beds.
I think you read me…
like I read you.
That discomfort stretched us beyond
what we already know.
I can’t imagine the world without us.