Be Confident


I am sharing this poem because the words are so true and the writer so very young. Be encouraged!

confidence_Be Confident

31 MARCH 2014

Confidence is facing the challenges of your life with courage. Confidence is never backing out, even when things are not going your way yet. Confidence is saying, “YES,” and meaning it. Confidence is saying, “NO,” and meaning it. Confidence is not compromising.
Confidence is standing and holding on to that which you know is true, no matter what.
Confidence is what you need to overcome your fears. So, to be somebody, have Confidence in yourself.
Only Confidence keeps you going.

Oyinkansola Adesewa_ 11 yr old Writer of Be Confident

Oyinkansola Adesewa (pictured) is 11 years old. She loves writing, drawing, painting, designing clothes, dancing, and modeling. She is presently a student of Yaba College Of Technology Secondary School, Yaba-Lagos. Oyinkansola started writing at the age of 6. Her first poem book titled “Thoughts of a Child” was published when she was 8 years old through a writing contest. Presently, she still writes and has written more poems outside the ones in her book.

Credit: Face2Face Africa


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