Nigerian Fashion Label Mohanista Presents it’s Debut Collection Inspired by the Theory of Evolution


Mohanista is a well known fashion brand which is based in Nigeria. The high street label is outrightly owned by siblings Moha-Lami and Habiba Lolade Audu, their debut collection is inspired by the theory of evolution, which is seen in the way and manner the pieces are styled and created, the wearable dresses have got to be fine and really structured.

The designers made use of floral prints as well as monochrome stripes and contrasted effectively to bring out the beauty in this fabulous collection. The collection which is basically feminine encapsulates “voluminous wide legged pants, print kimono, form fitting straight lined dress with the plunging neckline”.

Terna Iwar, BantuTerna Iwar, BantuTerna Iwar, BantuTerna Iwar, BantuTerna Iwar, BantuTerna Iwar, Bantu



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