Why Fashion Matters

Why Fashion Matters

[In]Tangible: Redressing Fashion

When I tell people I’m studying the history and culture of fashion, I get a mixture of responses. Perhaps because I’m female and dress to stand out rather than fit in, people often react as if I couldn’t possibly be studying anything else. Some folk take the opportunity to declare that they, personally, know nothing about fashion. Sometimes it makes them stop to consider what such a course could cover, and then they nod in approval as they latch on to the history aspect. After all, history is a worthwhile academic subject, isn’t it? It’s only when we start to get deeper into the conversation that people begin to understand just how important fashion really is.

Whether you follow the latest trends and catwalk shows or not, fashion affects us all. Many people only think of fashion as what is promoted by magazines like Vogue but, in actual fact, it…

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