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It’s been great seeing some of the fashion that I blog about up close and in person in several of the local shops in Paris. Here is eyewear designer Karen Walker’s collection. She used indigenous artisans in Africa to make the eyewear, and they became her models as well.


Designer Karen Walker’s “Visible” Campaign


In my quest to discover how the world affects fashion, I am excited to share the artistry of Karen Walker. She has presented some stellar look books in the past, featuring seniors and kids rocking her spectacular sunglasses. This season’s look is no exception. In her latest campaign entitled “Visible,” she recruits the very Kenyan based artisans who’s skill sets are a direct result of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

Some models were the skilled craftspeople who were directly responsible for manufacturing the cases that her amazing sunglasses come with. We love how she came full circle and celebrated those responsible for producing her great products. What do you think? Enjoy!!

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