Chocolate Heaven Pie


This decadent chocolate pie recipe features a chocolate cookie crust, cream cheese filling, a chocolate filling and is topped with whipped cream. Enjoy!

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Makes 10 Servings


1 chocolate cookie crust (prepared)
3 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup sugar
18-ounce container whipped topping, divided
1 21-ounce can Chocolate Crème Pie Filling
mini chocolate chips or nuts to garnish

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1. Beat cream cheese and sugar in a mixing bowl until smooth; add 4 oz. whipped topping, mix well and spread into crust.

2. Empty pie filling into a clean bowl and stir thoroughly to smooth. Spread onto cream cheese mixture.

3. Cover the entire pie with whipped topping and mini chocolate chips or simply garnish.

4. Chill until served.


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