Take Them To The Big Screen: 10 Black Women Who Deserve A Biopic


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I’m going to be straight up and ask an honest question here: Where are all the good biography films pictures on black women? I’m not trying to start nothing – actually I’m okay and cool with starting stuff – but I have to say I’m not really impressed with the selection of biopics lately. The TLC, while full of gossipy tidbits, was ultimately a huge dud. So was the Winnie Mandela biopic entitled Winnie (which is available on Netflix but I would skip it). And excuse me for being presumptuous but I don’t have high hopes for either of the proposed Aaliyah projects. And I certainly won’t be supporting the Zoe Saldana/Nina Simone travesty, if ever that sees the light of day.

Perhaps it is the subject or the productions themselves, but Hollywood (inclusive of Black Hollywood too) really doesn’t attempt to immortalize Black women as it does Black men. This is particularly true of the big screen productions. In fact, it seems the majority of biopics on Black women are actually made for television, and by default, have all the cheese and camp of a film made for television.

As such, I have created a list of ten women, who would make awesome subjects for a well-produced and funded film production. Also so Hollywood doesn’t go casting Madonna as Rosa Parks, I’ll also include a list of women, who I believe would good fits for the roles.


Diana Ross Live in Central Park

Seriously, why shouldn’t there be a film on this Supreme (get it?) being? She has been noted as an influence among entertainment heavyweights like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige. Besides her musical talent, she is also known for a few scandals in her personal life, including a secret child (to be revealed on an episode of Oprah) with Motown CEO Berry Gordy and a very public arrest for Driving Under the Influence.

But in spite of all of her achievements, including a Tony, a People’s Choice and a handful of American Music Awards, Ross has never won a Grammy. Refuting that shade alone is reason enough for me to want to see her on the big screen.

Credit: Madame Noire


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