Rachel Roy Fall 2014 RTW Collection


Rachel Roy is a bad girl!! She marked on the 10th anniversary of her label, giving us more tailored styles and less of her usual relaxed pieces. Roy said, “I designed what I wanted and needed and what I thought would work.” I’m loving the way she mixed materials, with graphic prints and presented it with exquisite charm. So many amazing looks. Enjoy the collection!

Credit: Style Pantry
Rachel Roy Fall 2014_1Rachel Roy Fall 2014_2Rachel Roy Fall 2014_3Rachel Roy Fall 2014_4Rachel Roy Fall 2014_5Rachel Roy Fall 2014_6Rachel Roy Fall 2014_7Rachel Roy Fall 2014_9Rachel Roy Fall 2014_11Rachel Roy Fall 2014_12Rachel Roy Fall 2014_13Rachel Roy Fall 2014_14

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