Salsa Chaos


I was at a salsa dance class when after only ten seconds into the song my instructor stopped the music. The guys just weren’t getting it, and of course us girls REALLY need them to lead… The instructor yelled: “You have to stay on beat or there will be COWS” (Chaos in his lovely Puerto Rican dialect). Which of course was crazy funny to me because I grew up on a cattle ranch in Texas. I started laughing as I recalled the CHAOS of those COWS in my life growing up having to feed them, corral them and go get them when they decided to run free. The resulting poem is my refection on how similar the two situations actually are.


When I am fearless
COWS [chaos] become a salsa dance
And I am sure that the next steps I take
Will be in time.
Fortunate, promising, uncompromising
When I am fearless
Impatience is my fuel
and I am at home over my head.

You must prepare for the next step
or there will be COWS
and feet will be headed for pasture
that is out of bounds
from any fields I have known.
When I am fearless
COWS take their place
to lead me through the next steps
that will be in time
whatever is fortunate, promising, uncompromising.


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