No Fat Talk, Please


Most people fat talk without even realizing they’re doing it. As 2013 ends and the New Year begins, I pledge to limit the “Fat Talk.”

It was about three years ago when I finally recognized that our weight obsessed culture was stressing me out! I love chocolate and I am pretty sure that I need it for survival. I recognized that food and/or chocolate deprivation was servng no positive purpose in my life and possibly contributing to a nasty ass disposition.

My new approach is to love the fun and pleasure that comes with eating my favorite foods, and only giving those treats the power they deserve, rather than allowing them to have me yo-yo dieting throughout the year. Ultimately, the food has become more like extras in my life rather that the star attractions. I do like to incorporate some exercise and other healthy habits, but only because I look foward to activity, not because I fear some repercussion for inactivity.

I’m running this… No more Fat Talk or Fat Doctors, please!


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