In the Old Testament we were as children,
ready to believe in face value.
Scratched the surface of relationships
we wanted too badly.
And God said: “That ain’t right for you now.
Move on.”
Sometimes we listened, and sometimes
we tried hard to make Him wrong, didn’t we?
Scratched and scratched and scratched to find
the surface of faces that were real to us.
And God gave us one, but we moved on.

In the New Testament of our lives
we had too much to do. Too much to seek,
too much to be, too much to owe, too much to love.
And God asked: “Can you know what is right before you now?
Can you move on?”
And again, we tried to make Him wrong.
And it was wrong to move on.
So we were left to scratch and scratch at surfaces
to find the face that was real to us.
Though God gave us one, we moved on.

In Revelations– the truth of who we are has been revealed.
Your good and generous spirit rivals only one other.
The need to scratch at surfaces has subsided
as we embark on a certainty that only God could create.
You move on, I move on,
We move away from the surface.


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