The Accidental Vegetarian



I recently discovered that there is an actual term for my sometimes insatiable cravings for vegetables, even preferring them over meat.  During my travels, I have opted for the vegetables on many occasions and continue to prefer them when I return home.  Meat seems to become less of an anchor for my meals these days and I go days without eating any at all.

According to, that makes me a “flexitarian.”  What, exactly, does flexitarian mean? “Flexitarian” is used to describe a diet or a person who eats a “mostly” vegetarian diet, occasionally including meat. But what exactly does this mean? Does it mean once a week or once a day? It’s really up to you, as there is no standard agreement or definition, though perhaps someday there will be.

What I will admit is that I still love great barbeque, especially at “Bennie J’s Smoke Pit” in Huntsville, TX.  If you are ever traveling on Interstate 45 between Houston and Dallas, it’s worth the detour.    Bennie J's Smoke Pit


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